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Hinlo Bowl Saved My Marriage

I’m here to testify that inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time – including embarrassing situations.

We’ve all been there. After a successful toilet bowl deposit, the flush might not have been powerful enough to clean the entire job. In the past, the only option to return the bowl back to its pristine status were scratchy toilet brushes that make their own drippy messes. And more than likely you also had to hunt down abrasive cleansers – who has time for that?

Look, I’m as guilty as the next guy for “leaving the scene of the crime” but after numerous complaints from my wife and daughters, I thought, “There’s got to be a better way!” Could there be an easy solution to tackle this residual issue? How could I keep the peace with my family, especially my 9-year-old daughter who would loudly announce her annoyance about my “disgusting messes” to a crowded room.

Positioning pieces of toilet paper inside the bowl seemed to alleviate the problem, but I was using way too much paper.  My thoughts turned to improving this experimental method in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Our Hinlo Bowl liners are the result of all that thinking — one piece of biodegradable, dissolvable and flushable paper that’s the correct size for the standard toilet bowl. Before you sit, you simply place a Hinlo sheet inside the bowl, then “get to work.” When you flush, everything goes down the drain. And we mean EVERYTHING.

I know that my invention won’t change the course of history, but it may make a difference in your daily domestic life, save you from embarrassing moments and keep the peace in your family – like it’s done for us!

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