Flushable Toilet Bowl Liners

Hinlo means clean, and that’s exactly what your toilet bowl will be with these Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Dissolvable & Flushable liners designed to be placed INSIDE THE TOILET BOWL preventing human waste from staining the inside of the bowl while also preventing splash-back. Designed for use at home, office or when you’re on the go and have to go, they are dissolvable and safe for septic tanks.

Try Hinlo Bowl once, experience all the benefits described below, and, just like tissue, they’re sure to become a mainstay in your bathroom. Plus the small, compact, attractive packaging means you can keep them on the tank for easy access. 


per box of

100 liners

Benefits for Using Hinlo Bowl

Saves Water

(eliminates the need for multiple flushes)

Makes cleaning a breeze

(throw away harsh cleansers and scratchy scrub brushes)


(dissolves completely in the flushing process)

Prevents Splashing

(keep water in the bowl, not on your bottom)

No Skid Marks

(leave your bowl sparkling clean)

Shame Free

(no one will know you were there)

How it works


Place it

(Inside the Toilet Bowl)

Hinlo Bowl liners are easy to use. Simply remove a sheet from the box, position it over the bowl and release. The custom cut sheet makes for a perfect fit every time.


Do it

(Poop with Confidence)

Now you can rest comfortably and “do it” with confidence knowing that your dirty (maybe not so little) secret will remain just that, a secret. The liner also prevents splash-back, keeping your backside clean and hygienic. 


Flush it

(And marvel at your clean bowl)

When you’re finished, just flush and Hinlo Bowl will carry everything gently down the drain (or trap way for you commode enthusiasts). Best of all, Hinlo Bowl  breaks up after flushing and there are no stains left behind!

Video #1
Hinlo Bowl to the Rescue

We invite you to take a moment to watch our 1-minute, light-hearted video starring Hinlo Bowl liners (approved for all ages).


Just For Fun

“What did Spock find in Captain Kirk’s bathroom?”

Wait for it….The Captain’s log!

If you have some G rated toilet humor you’d like to share, email us.

Our Story

We’ve all been there. After a successful toilet bowl deposit, the flush might not have been powerful enough to clean the entire job. In the past, the only option to return the bowl back to its pristine status were scratchy toilet brushes that make their own drippy messes…

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